Vapor Control Technologies, LLC


Innovative Solutions for Odor Control

The Product

UV-Assisted Odor Control Systems

Since 2000 Vapor Control Technologies has designed, fabricated, installed, and maintained UV-assisted Odor Control Systems for a diverse set of applications including:

  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Vivaria – enclosures for keeping or raising and observing animals
  • Cigarette smoking areas and cigar bars
  • Many commercial cooking and residential applications

How it works

Our 20-year researched, patent pending, proprietary design applies useful segments of the Ultraviolet Spectrum to control odors in an enclosed space, or in-line for exhaust stream, reducing offensive odor discharge into the ambient environment.

System Advantages

  • No charcoal used filters used or to replace
  • Low electrical cost
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Negligible pressure drop for exhaust streams
  • No hazardous waste produced
  • Substantially lower operational cost
  • Custom designed for any facility.

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