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Vapor Control Technologies, LLC, is the Industry leader in providing
advanced innovative structural flooring systems for vapor intrusion mitigation.

The Product

Vapor Intrusion and Radon Control

Years of research and application have shown that intrusion of vapors – radon, methane, chemical contaminants, water -- into buildings can be effectively controlled by using fans to pull air from the soil below the building (see EPA 1994, ITRC 2007), a technology known as sub-slab depressurization (SSD). CUPOLEX® is a patented flooring system that provides a highly efficient under-slab void network for a more effective application of vapor mitigation, at a significantly lower cost than the less efficient sand or gravel venting layers found in the typical SSD system.

More Efficient Venting

Traditionally, SSD requires pulling air through soil below an existing building or, for new buildings, pulling air through sand and gravel venting layers placed below the slab. Fans must be large enough to depressurize the soil and a number of suction points are required to depressurize the entire building. Aerated floors like CUPOLEX® simply replace the sand and gravel layers with a network of interconnected, large open voids in the lower portion of the slab, a far more efficient, effective, and predictable medium for moving air than through soil.

Diagram and Job Site


Name Origin

The name CUPOLEX® comes from the Italian word “cupola” meaning dome. There are over 600 million square feet of CUPOLEX® successfully installed in building throughout the world. It was originally designed to ventilate radon gas, prevalent throughout Europe, Canada, & the US, from new buildings for US Air Force bases in Italy.

Product Usage

Since its inception, CUPOLEX® has been used in a number of applications such as historic building renovation, vapor/and moisture mitigation, water detention, and as a cost-effective, efficient replacement for engineered fill beneath slabs. It is extensively used in industrial and commercial applications as well as for residential development. Designers, architects, real estate developers, and consultants all over the world have positioned CUPOLEX® at the forefront of aerated floor technology. Its use has revolutionized the conventional method of concrete slab construction.

Cupolex Outdoor Installation

Product Material

The primary goal for designing and manufacturing the CUPOLEX® product was to provide maximum performance and stability in the plastic elements comprising the aerated flooring system that would give the final concrete structure its superior resistance and longevity.

Cupolex Unit The CUPOLEX® product is produced from recycled polypropylene, material derived by a process of grinding selected and checked plastic objects, for instance chairs, bumpers, etc.

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic vinyl polymer made from ethylene and propylene, byproducts made of refined benzene gases. These gases are polymerized into polypropylene and polyethylene using high temperature and pressure in sluice systems in a closed process where no emissions are released to the atmosphere. The finished products are grains of polypropylene and polyethylene consisting of hydrogen and carbon molecules. When incinerated the only substances released are carbon dioxide and water. As thermoplastics, they can be readily recycled, incinerated, or disposed of in landfill sites. All production and post consumer waste can be recycled without difficulty. The finished product is very hard wearing, durable and able to withstand extreme temperatures and aging without breakage or tearing.

How the Product Works

The CUPOLEX® Aerated Floor System is a patented concrete forming system for floors, made from 100% recycled plastic. Concrete is poured over the modular dome forms to create floating or structural slabs with an under-slab void that results in minimal concrete contact with the soil. While providing a void for movement of vapors -- radon, chemical contaminants, methane, water vapor -- it uses less concrete and rebar than a standard slab with equivalent load bearing capacity. This cutting- edge slab system provides major advantages over a standard slab on grade:

Benefits & Advantages

  1. Ventilates the under slab void space to effectively control vapor intrusion, humidity levels, and temperature ranges that standard slabs cannot control
  2. Vents and/ depressurizes more efficiently than traditional liner and gravel/sand systems
  3. Replaces fill or gravel typically required to bring the slab to finished grade level, eliminating costs for importing, compacting, certifying engineered fill
  4. Reduces post-construction risk of settlement of the underlying sub base
  5. Achieves longer spans in pile/beam structural slabs than in flat standard slabs
  6. Sustainable features in manufacturing & use helps designers deliver GREEN and LEED certification
  7. Provides maximum control of concrete curing, resulting in a reduction of slab curling and shrinkage cracks while providing a higher quality surface
  8. Provides under-slab void for running cables and pipes, simplifying post-construction installation of new wiring and utilities
  9. Easier to repair slab for utility relocation to accommodate new tenants
  10. Can be designed for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional uses for any type of loading conditions
  11. Provides an excellent moisture barrier under slab with a void that can be vented in soil with high water content
  12. Prevents moisture from wicking through the concrete by keeping the top and bottom of the concrete floor slab dry thereby eliminating conditions contributing to growth of mold or mildew under flooring overlays, damaging expensive architectural flooring finishes, floor tiles, or carpets 

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